Fetish Cam Sex Taught me a lot About BDSM


When I look at my life from this point of view where I discovered myself, I feel like I've been missing out so many things in my life. I was married to a guy that was good to me, but honestly, the sex between us was getting worse each and every time. It seemed like he just didn't want to have it, while I was feeling how my sexual desires are breaking the roof. He was a traditional type of a guy that always cherished same old form of sex. On the other side, I was a woman full of cravings and fantasies about fetish sex. Naturally, our marriage ended and both of us went separate ways.

After our divorce, I wasn't ready to engage into any kind of serious relationship. What I wanted is to explore my cravings for fetish dating, so I decided to give it a shot. First, I decided to look up for people online and just to hear their experiences. I found some website, where one of the guys suggested me that I should definitely try out fetish cam sex. If that's something that gives me chills, I should definitely continue into that direction. Since I discovered that BDSM is something that turns me on the most and since I would like to engage into it as a mistress, I decided to give it a shot.

Before I found a guy that was more than happy to listen to my commands, I talked to one of the mistresses I met online. She actually turned on her web cam and presented me with the ways of how to treat a submissive one. All I can say is that I was getting more and more interested into that entire thing. Also, I was able to read BDSM stories and see what it is all about. Once I was ready to engage into a fetish cam sex, I called a guy and we began our session. From that point till now, I felt like I made a major improvement of my life.

I feel like I have more control over things and how my self –esteem has reached its maximum. It feels so amazing when you are the one that controls what other people do. For a while there I was having a fetish cam sex, until I felt a need to try and make it all real. Now, I use that site in order to get in touch with other submissive men and to even chat with some of my friends that I met in there. As I said at the beginning, I can't believe how many things I've been missing out in my life for so long. I'm so glad that I was able to enjoy in an online fetish sex with men that were more than happy to have me as their mistress. I think that the best part of it was the fact that all of it was without any strings attached.

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